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About Us

We reside in Anaheim, CA and have over 10 years of experience twisting balloons. I have twisted at many restaurants and events including the Koroneburg Renaissance Faire, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, TGI Fridays, On the Border, 3 Margaritas,and the Rainforest Cafe as well as countless events and bithday parties.



Unlock a world of imagination with our exceptional balloon twisting and face painting services. From enchanting animals, princesses, and characters to delightful hats, swords, flowers, and wands, we bring your wildest ideas to life. Watch as our talented artists transform your party or event guests into vibrant, living canvases, turning them into captivating works of art that will leave lasting memories.

Bridget Rago 
Phone: 714-422-9512 

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